About The Jazz Project

At Oakland Athletics Baseball GameThe Jazz Project is a 501c3 non-profit jazz support organization dedicated to increasing performance opportunities for local, regional, national, and international jazz musicians.  Formed in 1997 by drummer, Jud Sherwood, The Jazz Project provides a jazz safety net for musicians, performers, jazz aficianados, students and educators.   The Project promotes community development by making jazz accessible to those of all ages and backgrounds.

The Jazz Project celebrates its 23rd anniversary concert season in 2021.  With support from the community, the Jazz Project has become the preeminant Arts and Culture presenter in the Pacific Northwest.

Music, a pervasive and indispensable element of social life, is a medium through which individuals can, do, and will forever realize greatness in themselves and others.  The Jazz Project preserves and invigorates that culture, providing Whatcom County a window on the world of jazz.  Committed to making sound judgments and forging sustainable community connections between artists and patrons, government and corporate grantors, students and educators, The Jazz Project keeps Bellingham tuned to what’s out there on the jazz front and sees to it that one of those fronts is right here in Whatcom County.  Jazz is America’s art form, and its imprint on American arts and culture has left a vibrant legacy.

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