The Jazz Project Video Sharing Series

The Jazz Project continues its inaugural Spring Video Sharing Series, April 11, and May 8. The first concert featured Duende Libre and is up for video review for anyone who wants to support the band and The Jazz Project. Upcoming concerts include: Nelda Swiggett’s Alaska Suite, and Brian Cunningham Trio for a CD release show..  Tickets for the series are $10 general,  $8 for a block of 3 or more, $5 students and free for Jazz Project members and Manieri Foundation patrons (available on this website). Each video will be performed live without an audience and made available for viewing within one week of the performance. Please include an email with each ticket purchase.

The series is made possible in part by a grant from the Manieri Endowment, the National Endowment for the Arts, Washington State Arts Commission and Commerce Department.

Here is a short biopic on Duende Libre
The third album from Seattle-based, globe-trotting jazz outfit Duende Libre, The Dance She Spoke (Earshot Jazz “Recording of the Year”) is a celebration of connections between people playing and dancing together, connections that ripple out in concentric circles to the group’s eclectic musical community, to their diverse city shaped by generations of immigrants, to a transatlantic history marked by tragedy and beauty. Duende Libre invites listeners, wherever they may be, to move together and rejoice in the ecstasy of “seeing the music and hearing the dance.”

CDs are also available via our Bandcamp page here.