Jud teaches drum lessons out of his home studio on South Hill in Bellingham, WA.   From beginning to advanced, lessons are catered to the specific needs and discipline of each student.  Emphasis is primarily on drumset playing, technique and independence.  Fees and schedules are below.

Drum Lesson Fee Schedule:

Lessons may be ½ hour, 45-minutes, or 1-hour

Lessons may be twice monthly, four times monthly, or weekly

Lessons are scheduled at a set time each week and paid in blocks of 2 or 4.

Students are allowed to reschedule one lesson per month provided one or more days notice is given and the reschedule takes place within the same week.

One-time lessons are given at the rate of $55/hour

Monthly Tuition is paid in advance according to one of nine schedules

Frequency            Duration               Rate           Total Monthly Tuition

2 x month             30 minutes            $30                        $60

2x month              45 minutes            $40                        $80

2 x month             1 hour                     $55                        $110

4 x month             30 minutes            $30                         $120

4 x month             45 minutes            $40                        $160

4 x month             1 hour                     $55                         $220

Weekly                  30 minutes            $30                         $120-150

Weekly                  45 minutes            $40                        $160-200

Weekly                  1-hour                     $55                         $220-275

Individual  lessons                               $55/hour